When the going gets tough the Leavers leave

It’s been an interesting start to the week. Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP party has resigned; stating equivocally that he has accomplished his goal: To remove the UK from Europe and he now wants to enjoy his life. He re-emphasised, that unlike many of his peers, he is not a career politician.

In other news, Michael Gove seems to be getting too much attention from the Press. However, even though I’m not a Conservative voter, if I had to choose, which I can’t and neither can their members,  I’d vote for Andrea Leadsom. This ‘vote’ is based off a hunch. I prefer her, the way she speaks, the fact she had a life before politics and doesn’t seem as much a red-herring as Theresa May, whose body language and entire demeanour just screams: Don’t vote for her!

The overall theme is, of course, related to Brexit. Boris Johnson has for now been ousted from the Tory party. Michael Gove has sprung like a Tulip into the leadership contest. Nigel Farage has conveniently hung up his political boxing gloves for this week. And yet we have Tony Blair and the incumbent government tiptoeing around Brexit’s referendum result. Indeed, Tony Blair has even commented that the decision taken by the public could be overruled by Parliament. But in all honesty, David Cameron wants a real leader, someone with grit, and not just daddy’s credit card to sort this mess out. This is what happens to arrogant morons. And to cap it all off, I attended Chatham House’s Lord Garden Memorial Lecture.

The Lord Garden Memorial Lecture was interesting. I’m getting a tad bit bored though of hearing the same old rhetoric from the elite. It’s a constant liturgy of it was a mistake, there’s two options post-Brexit (the Norwegian model, Swiss model or WTO), we are committed to leaving the EU (despite claims that Westminster and senior party big wigs could possibly renege on the country’s decision), and on and on. Yet, I expected better. It’s like no one has a clue. And we’re being bombarded with the same messages which are really one message: WE SHOULD REMAIN!

I am fed up with ineffectual leaders. Westminster and Brussels need to start addressing some of the major problems brought about by globalisation rather than shunning them. The last time the Working class felt severely downtrodden, they rose up across Europe and literally put the old ruling order to the axe. That was the 19th Century. If leaders and elite institutions don’t act now, who knows what will happen. Perhaps the arc of history will repeat itself?

And finally here’s a great blog that I’ll be digesting in the future, happy reading!

IPR Blog – http://blogs.bath.ac.uk/iprblog/2016/06/27/the-political-economy-of-brexit/


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