Time Travel

I spent the end of August and early September hiking in Slovakia and Slovenia. After one week in Slovakia’s Tatra mountains, I and a friend headed over to Austria, where we parted. Carrying on to Slovenia, I was expecting warm weather and settled conditions. How wrong I was. Slightly higher than their Slovakian counterparts, the … More Time Travel

Gender and Trade Relations in the Age of the Anglo-Vikings

Anyone who has watched the History Channel’s hit show Vikings might not be watching it as an anthropologist. Unfortunately for me, I find myself drawn to analysing the asymmetries between Vikings (Scandinavians) and Anglo-Saxons (Britons). What follows are some thoughts I want to share. A caveat: These are based solely on watching the series, not … More Gender and Trade Relations in the Age of the Anglo-Vikings

Digital democracy in an age of disruption

Former Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy PM, Nick Clegg is one of those disgraced politicians who still thinks his opinion is worth something. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. In a recent article for the “I”, Nick Clegg has turned his focused gaze towards technology, AI, and the future of work. Three topics he knows … More Digital democracy in an age of disruption

The Third Technological Revolution

  The French Presidential election is long over and Europe’s gaze turns towards the September 24th showdown in Berlin. However, whilst the German election is mostly a business-as-usual affair, the French election was a bellwether for changes that are well underfoot. “When trade stops, wars start” Jack Ma The 21st Century is the century of … More The Third Technological Revolution